Mushroom Grow Kit

You can now simply grow gourmet oyster mushrooms on your kitchen bench. Become a home grown mushroom farmer and enjoy the vegetarian steak! These mushroom kits are prepared from waste coffee grounds and collected from Australian cafe’s by Life Cykel.

$Mushroom Grow Kit

Welcome to the Worlds First Real Hove...

We havent yet got a price for this one but we are too excited to wait! Back to the future has finally arrived with the Worlds First Real Hoverboard! "This is truly a mesmerizing and incredible feat in the world of engineering and transportation." - Guiness Book of Records

Cat Dryer

And this, ladies and gentleman, is a cat dryer


Use the Force Bathroom Art

When mere pushing, grunting, and clenching every other muscle in your body while sitting on the toilet doesn't work, use the Force. Or at least stare at this Use the Force bathroom art hanging on the wall for some comic relief.

Rainbow Rose Flower Seeds

Transform your garden into a technicolor dreamscape straight out of the Wizard of Oz by planting these rainbow rose seeds. Once the seeds sprout, they’ll grow into beautiful and vibrant multicolored roses that’ll make your garden the envy of all your neighbors.

This is a Jetfoiler, an electric hydr...

Catch a killer ride – even on flat days – by hitting the water on this electric hydrofoil surfboard. This water toy comes with a small electric motor installed on the hydrofoil that lets you cruise above the water’s surface like you’re riding on a magic carpet.


Found this rug that glows in the dark...

When you need a little light in a dark room glow in the dark rugs are a fabulously funky idea. During the day it looks like a normal rug, at night it lights up.

Rainbow Bath Bomb

Make your next soak more visually stimulating than ever by dropping in a rainbow bath bomb! Upon dissolving into the warm water it will magically transform your tub’s water into a technicolor masterpiece – making it ideal for kids of all ages.

SPOTMYUV Stickers - Detect When to Re...

As if it's not bad enough my mama still nags me to wear sunscreen, now she's gonna slap a SPOTMYUV sticker detector on me everytime I go to her house so she can nag me to reapply it. Whether it's a day at the beach or an afternoon on the trail, always remember to reapply you