Welcome to the Worlds First Real Hove...

We havent yet got a price for this one but we are too excited to wait! Back to the future has finally arrived with the Worlds First Real Hoverboard! "This is truly a mesmerizing and incredible feat in the world of engineering and transportation." - Guiness Book of Records

This is a Jetfoiler, an electric hydr...

Catch a killer ride – even on flat days – by hitting the water on this electric hydrofoil surfboard. This water toy comes with a small electric motor installed on the hydrofoil that lets you cruise above the water’s surface like you’re riding on a magic carpet.


Found this rug that glows in the dark...

When you need a little light in a dark room glow in the dark rugs are a fabulously funky idea. During the day it looks like a normal rug, at night it lights up.

Little Shits Onboard Car Sign

Let's just face it, you know it, I know it, so why not just let everyone know it! They are little shits but their your little shits! So just back the fuck up, I'm driving here!

Binocktails Bev-Brush Paddle Brush Se...

Secret flask that hold over 6 oz. of alcohol A fully functional paddle brush Complete with a mirror on the back The best womens hidden flask on the market today Looks EXACTLY like a real paddle hair brush!

Digital Spoon Scale

The Digital Spoon Scale is a handy Kitchen companion which accurately measures the weight of cooking ingredients with its built in easy to read LCD display accurately weighing grains, spices, herbs, raising agents and sweeteners to 500g

LED Flashlight Gloves

Never have to hear "Can't you hold a flashlight right?" again


How to easily pour (and carry) six shots. Look at Mr. Fancy here with five friends to drink with!

Xiaomi Mijia LCD Writing Tablet

The Best Gift For Kids and Adults: This Writing Board is suitable for children and adults. It can be used for making "to do" lists, counting and language learning. A great idea for anyone who enjoys drawing, leaves notes and reminders on it as well.